If you are trying to notarize divorce papers, you need to find a notary public. These individuals are people who have gone through a process which gives them the authority to stamp documents with a notary seal once they see identification. Getting your divorce papers notarized is important because it is a legal requirement for filing. Notary seals are proof to the court that the person signing the paper is who they say they are. You need to sign papers in front of the notary in order for him or her to be able to stamp the documents with their characteristic seal.

A notary is a person who helps prevent document fraud. Usually appointed by the government of his or her state or locality, a notary applies a seal to documents as proof that he or she has witnessed the signature on it. He or she is also responsible for evaluating whether the identification the signer provides is legitimate, making sure the signature wasn’t coerced and sometimes even administering oaths. While you can visit a notary’s place of business for document notarization, you don’t have to. A mobile notary company will come to your location to provide the notary services you need. A Notary Signing Agent is a Professional Notary that is usually background screened and certified to handle the notarization and field closing functions for  mortgage related documents. This type of certification also make them an excellent choice when handling your more complex legal documents. Notaries are not usually attorneys, if they are not, they are not allowed to explain documents to you or give you legal advice. However, it is their job to identify the documents for you, show you where to sign, notarize and give the document back to the party who hired them.

It will be necessary to get a car title notarized if you are selling a car and transferring the title to someone else or if you are registering a car for yourself. In order to get a car title notarized, you will need to find a notary public. In some states, they work right at the department of motor vehicles. Otherwise, you can find a notary public at banks, courthouses, post offices, law offices, or any location where legal documents are processed or signed. There are also some small businesses that offer many of the services motor vehicle departments provide.
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